3 - 5 desember 2018 Solstrand Hotel & Bad



With the rise of the global streaming platforms, the documentary series has found a new home. The genre has been challenged and developed, and the appetite for great content from the real world has never been bigger. We see the national broadcasters are following in the same footsteps where the goal is to tell a long story, with twists and turns, that makes sure that you can´t stop watching. 

To talk about these aspects, we have invited Maclain and Chapman Way, the creators behind the Emmy award winning documentary series Wild Wild CountryAn absorbing six-parter with twist and turns it is hard to believe, beautifully constructed and balanced. The story is alternating between two camps. On the one side the dangerously obsessed Rajneesh’s followers and on the other the suspicious and self-righteous authorities who went after them. The juxtaposition between the two perspectives keeps the viewer glued to the screen. We will talk to the two directors about the main idea behind the series and ask them how they structured such a vast archive material, to make this spellbinding and award-winning story. 

Moderator: Hilde Sandvik (Broen.xyz) 

Official trailer

Chapman and Maclain Way