11 - 13 desember 2017 Solstrand Hotel & Bad


or how to hone your vision

In this exclusive meeting, we meet acclaimed director, cinematographer and editor Victor Kossakovsky, who is widely known for his visually stunning films and constant strive for cinematic innovation and exploration to capture his stories. He will share moments from his films, inspiration, challenges and last but not least, his mistakes. What has he learned on this creative journey? And how has it shaped him as a filmmaker?

In his new film he turns his camera to the life of animals; showing the loving, yet dramatic relationship with animals that we normally only meet, when served on our plates. What is the story behind the idea? And has Kossakovsky been breaking his own filmmaker rules?

Join a historic moment including clips from Kossakovsky´s previous films and work in progress.  



















Victor Kossakovsky er en russisk regissør. Han innledet filmkarrieren ved Leningrad Studio of Documentaries som kameraassistent, regiassistent og klipper i 1978. I mange av filmene sine spiller Kossakovsky rollen som både klipper, manusforfatter og regissør. Han var ferdig utdannet ved Higher Courses of Film Writers and Directors i Moskva i 1988. I 1993 vant hans første spillefilm, Belovy (The Belovs), både VPRO Joris Ivens-prisen og Publikumsprisen ved IDFA. Kossakovsky har motatt Special Jury Award ved Den internasjonale dokumentarfilmfestivalen i Amsterdam for Pavel & Lyalya i 1999, Dokumentarprisen ved Edinburgh internasjonale filmfestival for Sreda (Onsdag), Æresprisen ved Karlovy Vary internasjonale filmfestival for Sreda, Dok Leipzig Findling Award for Pavel & Lyalya, True Vision Award ved True/False Film Festival i 2012, og Genziana d'Oro - Gran Premio Città di Trento ved den 60. Trento Film Festival (2012). German Camera Award 2012 i kategorien Dokumentar, Maverick Movie Award - Beste filmfotograf, Russian National Documentary Award "LAVR" for Beste film. Kossakovsky innehaver over 100 internasjonale priser for sitt arbeid.